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I've consulted some bloggers and they say California must be The Odd One Dies, but the director is different.

And one more puzzle - who happens to know anything about that - ?????

Does Soak Woman (2005)

Country: People's Republic of China

Languages: Cantonese Mandarin

Genre: Comedy


Chu Yen-Ping


Kaneshiro Takeshi

Yeung Si-Man

Wong Yat-Fei

Posts: 15

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At there are two more films with TK mentioned - California (1997) directed by Johnny To and God of Gamblers II (1991) (Dou Hap directed by Jing Wong.

The imdb page of Dou Hap has no mention of Takeshi, is he really there?

I can't find info about To's "California" either.

Help!!!! Who knows anything about these films and TK's participation in them?

And on TK's imdb page there's no mention of "Seiya no Kiseki (A Miracle on a Holy Night)" , though this TV special DOES exist, I saw it with my own eyes. Who can help update the info on TK's imdb page providing detail required?

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